ColumbiaGorgeKlickitat County which lies on the southern edge of Washington State amidst the natural beauty of the Columbia River Gorge is known around the world  for its perfect windsurfing conditions and the local tourism industry that grew up around it.

However, for the last decade, the area has been quietly becoming a hotbed of robotics and drone design and manufacturing.  Companies like Insitu, (now part of Boeing), RealCarbon, Aerovel and Hood Technology are leading this emerging industry from quiet rural communities along the Columbia River. Read more online @ Quartz.

Annually, Washington State produces more than 700 unmanned aircraft. The combination of our robust technology sector, our history of aerospace know-how and advanced materials research is fueling the significant growth in unmanned aerial systems design and manufacture. Learn more about emerging these industries in Washington by contacting our business experts at moreinfo@choosewashington. com.