petri-dishFounded in 1975 the Fred Hutch research has brought hope to many individuals battling cancer. It has also brought life to many biotech companies that have created a vibrant bio-tech community in Washington State.

Home to over 480 life sciences and global health organizations, Washington’s bio-tech sector benefits from a close proximity to the epicenter of high-tech expertise, advanced manufacturing developments and our deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit. These bio-tech, research and medical device companies have drawn together unparalleled talent, cutting edge research capabilities and an incomparable depth of experience. Pair this with venture capitalists with a passion for bringing medical breakthroughs to market and you have a winning combination.

From inventing the kidney dialysis machine to creating the Medic One system, Washington State has a long history of improving health and saving lives. If you want to learn more about Washington’s biotech community contact

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