wisergWISErg has perfected a process for cost-effectively harvesting food scraps and converting it to organic fertilizer. The company’s message is “there is no such thing as waste.” Their Harvester technology captures urban generated food scraps and converts them into organic fertilizer before the nutrients are lost. The end product goes full circle from locally sourced food scraps to organic fertilizer used by local farmers who grow local produce for local groceries and eateries.

Redmond-based WISErg has been testing the technology in the Puget Sound area and is poised to scale up to include Oregon and California before going national. Read more in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

For over a century Washington State’s entrepreneurial spirit has brought to market creative ideas that solve problems and create a better world. From health care inventions to leading the way in the digital world of commerce to saving the environment, Washington businesses are at the forefront of new ideas that succeed in the marketplace.

In 2014 the International Technology and Innovation Foundation ranked Washington State as #1 in Innovation Capacity. Our share of jobs in high-tech, workers in science and engineering, number of patents issued, clean energy consumption and access to venture capital are some of the factors that contribute to our position as a leader in innovation.

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