A world-class workforce.

Washington State has a superior workforce, especially in the aerospace, advanced manufacturing, clean tech, information and communication technology, life sciences/global health and maritime sectors.

Following is a brief overview of Washington’s workforce: One of the unique aspects of our workforce training programs is the use of innovative private-public partnerships where businesses and educators work together to develop training programs that not only meet current employment needs but future needs as well. This close alignment and spirit of cooperation ensure a steady supply of highly educated, highly skilled workers.

Following is a brief overview of Washington’s workforce:

Minimum Wage $14.49/hour (Jan. 2022)  
Average Commute (statewide) 27.9 minutes  
Average Commute (Puget Sound area) 31 minutes  
Adults with High School Diploma 91.1%  
Adults with a Bachelor Degree 21.6%  
Adults with a Graduate Degree 12.5%  
S&E Workers (% of workforce) 5.83%  
Engineers (% of workforce) 1.72%  
S&E Degrees (as % of total degrees conferred) 32.9%  

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Workforce Overview