Crowdfunding success depends on the quality of the idea and the company behind it. Typically raising funding in the millions of dollars is only accomplished through the usual venture capital networks. However, Glowforge has set a new record for support from a crowdfunding campaign by raising $27.9 million in sales in just 30 days. It took only 24 hours to surpass their goal of $2 million. If the numbers are an indicator of the confidence investors from around the world have in this startup and the potential for their product, the future is bright for another Washington-based company that is innovating its way to success.

Your imagination becomes reality in 3-D.
Our digital and virtual world does not inherently engage us with the tangible world. But, basic to human nature is the desire to make things you can touch and feel. The maker movement is sweeping the country and 3-D printing is making it possible for anyone to manufacture whatever they can imagine.

Seattle-based Glowforge has developed an affordable, desktop 3-D laser printer that enables you to draw an object, scan, engrave and cut with drag and drop software.  The possibilities are endless. Personalize a hardwood skin for your computer. Create your own drone. Fabricate a custom leather satchel. Design your own intricately papercut wedding invitations. Custom engrave on glass. Whatever you can imagine, you can manufacture. Glowforge’s first offer for pre-ordering their 3D laser printer far exceeded their expectations. Clearly, the time is ripe to rediscover our fascination with making things.

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Washington State has a culture of innovation and collaboration. Check out Washington’s timeline of innovations from aerospace to health care, from creating the first shopping mall to  pioneering online retailing. From its earliest history, Washington entrepreneurs and inventors have brought ideas to market that have changed the world.