Microsoft achieves 99% reduction in waste at headquartersIn just six months, the 44,000 employees at Microsoft’s headquarters went through nearly 200 million pounds of packaging and food.

Ordinarily, that waste would find its way to area landfills, but Microsoft has made it a priority to reduce, recycle and reuse, so much so, the 99.5% of their waste never sees a landfill.

This amazing milestone was recently recognized by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council, which awarded its gold level in Zero Waste Certification to the company. Microsoft is the first technology company to achieve this honor.

Reducing its carbon footprint is a company-wide goal. All the packaging used for food and ingredients arrive in compostable and recyclable packaging and meals are made to order. Frying oil is converted to biodiesel, the tableware is made from plants and even the office furniture is reworked and reconfigured to extend its lifecycle.

Microsoft is an excellent example of a Washington State business that goes out of its way to find a way to balance growth and profitability with environmental stewardship.

Congratulations Microsoft! We salute you!

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