microscopic imageEver wish you could look really close at something  you just found? Thanks to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, Washington now you can. Or better yet, a doctor in a remote area can whip out a smartphone or tablet and take a close look at a microscopic organism that just might help save a life. Firefighters or police can use the mini-microscope to examine potentially dangerous powder on-site without waiting for lab results. With a 3-D printer and publicly available plans provided by PNNL anyone can make the housing required to turn their phone or tablet into a microscope. This has also become a great teaching tool for young science students discovering the microscopic world. Read more in the Tri-City Herald.

The Pacific Northwest National Lab (one of 10 national labs in the country) is doing cutting edge research and helping to move innovation into the marketplace. In concert with other major public research institutions, such as University of Washington and Washington State University, PNNL is one of the state’s pioneering research centers in technology, clean energy and advanced manufacturing.

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