molecular chemistryOne of Washington State’s top-tier research institutions, the University of Washington, has received a grant to study new materials that can generate power. Dr. Daniel Gamelin’s team spend time researching and analyzing the unique behaviors of chemicals at their tiniest level and discover the unexpected properties of nanoparticles. Then the team brainstorm’s possible uses for the newly discovered property.

The $15.6 million National Science Foundation grant will allow the UW researchers to explore the nano chemical properties of window coatings that could turn skyscrapers into power producers from sunlight. The grant will further collaboration between the University’s College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering, the Clean Energy Institute and the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute. Another outcome of the grant is to create training and mentorship opportunities for doctoral students and researchers, along with outreach to under-represented high school students, military veterans and community colleges. Read more in The Seattle Times.

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