A new process developed by a Washington firm is reducing the incidence of rust on nuts and bolts, like the ones pictured.A revolution in materials along side advances in manufacturing techniques is creating an industry sector focused on higher performance, increased safety and lower costs. Washington State businesses like Seattle-based Modumetal are on the leading edge of redefining manufacturing.

At the nano-structural level Modumetal has developed corrosion resistant alloys. The process represents a completely new way of producing the nuts, bolts and unique parts that hold together industrial structures from airplanes and oil rigs to cars and the bridges they travel on. Corrosion and structural integrity have long been a challenge with metal parts and Modumetal is bringing nanolaminated, iron-based alloys that out-perform conventional steels. Read more in The Puget Sound Business Journal.

Washington State is a leader in advanced materials and processes such as carbon fiber and composite material production as well as robotics for manufacturing. To learn more about the innovations in the advanced manufacturing sector contact info@choosewashingtonstate.com