Surgeons begin a surgical procedure in a hospital.The hits just keep coming for the University of Washington’s CoMotion innovation lab. Perimatics is the latest in the long list of spinoffs CoMotion has spawned, its 127 startup to date.

The new company is the brainchild of Kalyani Velagapudi and Bala Nair and is focused on increasing patient outcomes and medical center profit margins by using data tools to focus on perioperative surgical care.

Velagapudi is a Microsoft veteran and Nair is a UW professor who invented the company’s Smart Anesthesia Manager, which can analyze metrics in real time during surgery to help doctors make key decisions throughout the procedure.

The company has raised $1 million in seed investment and is partnering with Microsoft for Startups, the company’s startup assistance program, to further development and growth.

“CoMotion’s Innovation Development team helped the research team bridge the gap between research and spinout through support ranging from validation of the technology through licensing to beta-users, to proof-of-concept funding from the CoMotion Innovation Fund and a Coulter Foundation grant, as well as licensing support, and access to expert advice,” CoMotion Executive Director Vikram Jandhyala said in a statement.

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