latte cupWhether you purchase your morning latte in your hometown or in London or Dubai, with cloud technology the customer experience can be exactly the same. No more worries about downloading a special in-country app for mobile payment or the hassle of currency exchange. And, along with your drink order artificial intelligence will be suggesting food items you might enjoy with your double tall. Launching next year,  ‘My Starbucks Barista’ will personalize your order from your smartphone with your favorite food items and special discounts just for you.

Purchasing your personalized latte and tasty treat will be seamless no matter where in the world you are. Just like your hometown barista, they already know what you want to order.

Relying on cutting edge cloud-based software development, Starbucks is heading towards globalization of the coffee shop experience.  Read more at

The Washington State tech sector is leading the world in cloud-based technology and the development of artificial intelligence.  The breadth of applications for these revolutionizing technologies is helping to streamline the burgeoning global economy.

Washington State has over 14,000 software and mobile app companies. With pioneering business legends like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, Washington has become the hub of cloud computing. With the globalization of e-commerce, supply chain management and big data analysis Washington State’s tech sector is at the forefront of business in the digital age.

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