shutterstock_112602920Two Washington companies are working to make football and other contact sports safer for players. Redmond-based Physio-Control and Kirkland-based i 1 Biometrics are tackling the problems of on-field cardiac arrest and impact sport concussions.

Physio-Control will be expanding the availability of its automated external heart defibrillator and dispatch trainers to youth coaching staff across the country to address on-field sudden cardiac arrest. College level football teams are using  i 1 Biometrics’ Vector Mouthguard for real-time monitoring of on-field concussions.

Read more in The Seattle Times.

For over 150 years Washington State companies have pioneered many life-saving devices and procedures from the portable kidney dialysis machine to today’s immune system breakthroughs. Washington is home to more than 4,500 scientists and researchers and 500 organizations advancing life sciences and global health.