cleanenergy_shutterstock_48512554Solar and wind power are key components of Washington State’s clean energy strategy. But these renewable sources can be variable seasonally, daily even hourly. Stepping up to meet that challenge are Washington clean energy companies and software developers.

Governor Jay Inslee was on hand Thursday at the Snohomish County Public Utility District for the dedication of the first of two one megawatt lithium-ion battery systems that will store the variable flow of solar and wind power until needed during peak demand. The Governor’s  commitment to reducing fossil fuel carbon emissions spawned the Clean Energy Fund and the state’s goal of harnessing and utilizing new energy sources. Snohomish County PUD has been at the forefront of integrating these next generation clean energy technologies into their power supply strategy.

Top-tier research institution, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and UniEnergy Technologies in Mukilteo have teamed up to design and produce another long-life battery system that stores power in liquids.

Critical to the efficient use of clean energy resources is managing the flow of power within the power grid. Seattle-based software company 1Energy Systems has designed smart grid software that optimizes battery operations and maximizes power use.

Washington’s clean energy companies are engaged in maximizing efficiency, researching and bringing to market renewable energy and controlling pollution. This effort employs more than 83,600 workers and is supported by multiple top-tier research institutions statewide and backed by more than a billion dollars in venture capital.