soccerA sports coach’s job is to improve the performance of the team and technology is now providing comprehensive biometric data on each player to monitor on-field activity. For several years, Bellevue-based Sensoria has been making smart clothing to help runners analyze how they take their steps. Their smart socks can identify improper foot placement and inconsistent pacing that may cause injury and slow you down.

Teaming up with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing, Sensoria smart clothing is able to provide a dashboard of data that displays all of a soccer team’s player locations and activity on the field, what part of the foot is making contact with the ball and other useful biometric data. Smart clothing is changing the way we run, train and compete. Read more in Geekwire.

Washington tech companies continue to pioneer new applications for software and hardware that improve our lives, enhance performance, and connect us to the world. With decades of experience developing strong core technology companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Cray,  Washington State is home to over 90,000 software developers. Leading tech companies from Apple, Google and Facebook to HTC, Jawbone and SpaceX have set up offices in Seattle to tap into the wealth of tech expertise in Washington State.

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