PrintBlue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ space company, recently opened it’s doors for visitors to see how they are creating the next generation of space travel. Just as Bezo’s Amazon offices are exploding in South Lake Union, Blue Origin is expanding its facilities in Kent, Washington as well. Right now, over 600 engineers, machinists and support staff design and manufacture suborbital spaceships and rocket engines. The facility expansion will substantially increase their capacity to at least 1,000 employees.

Blue Origin’s focus is reusable rockets which will reduce the cost of space travel. Their rockets have twice launched into suborbital flight and returned with successful vertical landings. Read more about the Blue Origin space facility in The Seattle Times.

From exploring interplanetary mining to orbital and sub-orbital space travel to next-gen rocket engines launching payloads to work stations in space, Washington State companies are on the cutting edge of space exploration.

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