webbTelescope2Delicately calibrated instruments are highly sensitive to vibrations. Knowing just how much a piece of equipment can take and still perform as expected is critical. Skagit County-based Team Corporation in Burlington, Washington designs and builds multi-axis testing equipment. This testing technology can help engineers simulate the vibrations of a rocket ship launch or the ground shaking action of an earthquake.  Their specialty is reproducing conditions for the most severe environments.  Vibration testing has resulted in the improvement of product reliability, passenger comfort, public safety and advanced electronics technology.

NASA is installing their equipment to test the effect of launch vibration on the new telescope that will replace the Hubble. Vibration testing equipment is also being used in the development of the Orion Spacecraft. It will be a highly advanced, safest and most flexible spacecraft capable of functioning in a variety of extreme environments.  Read more in the Seattle Times.

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