softwaredevIf you’re a software engineer, and we have over 90,000 software developers in Washington State, you don’t need to move away to work for cutting edge companies. The technology leaders are coming to you.

Palantir Technologies is the latest to announce plans to set up shop along side giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Twitter, Facebook, Alibaba, Salesforce and Dropbox. Read more in Geekwire about the wave of Silicon Valley companies establishing a presence in the Northwest.

Washington continues to be a leader in next-generation technology and the development of apps that connect and simplify our lives. The depth and breadth of expertise in our robust tech community along with our research institutions and ability to bring great ideas successfully to market is drawing the technology business leaders to Washington State.

The Washington State Department of Commerce is leading a delegation of our mobile app development companies to showcase their products and services at GSMA Mobile World Congress in Paris next week. Follow our activities at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona here.