programmerWashington State is full of construction cranes creating new office space. And it seems the tech industry is filling up much of that new capacity. During 2014 and 2015 at least 26 companies based outside of Washington have opened satellite engineering centers here. And those who’ve been in Washington for several years, like Google, Twitter and Facebook, are expanding their staffing capacity by leaps and bounds.  Read more in Geekwire.

As we’ve posted before, if you have the talent they will come. Washington State has over 90,000 software engineers employed by more than 14,000 companies engaged in software and mobile app technology. Washington offers a robust entrepreneurial culture, skilled workforce, an affordable cost of living and an outstanding quality of life.  The home of tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon and Cray, we’ve welcomed the world’s new pioneers in hardware and software development, cloud computing, gaming and mobile apps.

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