saplings growing from dollar billInvestors are always looking for a solid combination of fresh ideas and the expertise to successfully bring them to market. Washington State has a reputation for re-thinking industries from healthcare to information technology to manufacturing.  In the first quarter this year, Washington companies have attracted more than 8 times the venture capital investments as the same quarter last year. Read more in The Seattle Times.

In a culture of creative thinking and collaboration, Washington’s eco-system of talent, experience and investment capacity is surpassing the national trend for venture capital investment. Bloomberg ranked Washington State as the #1 Most Innovative State in 2013. And the International Technology Foundation 2014 State New Economy Index ranked Washington #1 in Innovation Capacity based on the share of workers in high-tech and science and engineering, the number of patents and the amount of venture capital invested as a share of worker earnings among other factors.

As our history shows, Washington State builds business legends.