ship yard with heavy crane in beautiful twilight of dayWashington State is perfectly positioned as an international export and transportation hub. Seaports and airports are closer to Asia than any of the other major west coast ports. A recent report from the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration shows that Washington’s 2014 exports topped more than $90.6 billion, an increase of 140 percent over 2013.  China and Japan continue to be our largest Asian export customers. The Ports of Seattle and Tacoma combined are the 3rd largest container shipping load center in North America. Read more in The Seattle Times.

For passengers traveling internationally, airline travel through Sea-Tac Airport is equidistant from Asia and Europe and an hour closer to Asia than going through any other west coast airport. As an intercontinental hub, Seattle offers 7 non-stop flights daily to Europe and 12 non-stop flights daily to Asia and the Mideast.

Washington’s global connectivity means “made in Washington” products can be easily and cost-effectively shipped around the globe. If your company is seeking international customers or overseas business partners talk to one of our trade experts at the Washington State Department of Commerce