pacific-northwest-national-labThe R&D 100 Conference brings together the top innovators in the research world to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration, provide insight into future forecasting and to recognize innovative achievements. The 2016 Awards Ceremony, called the ‘Oscars of Innovation’, recognized two innovative achievements by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), located in Richland, Washington.

A four-dimensional imaging system was developed to scan contaminates underground which allows real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of soil remediation treatment. For practical application, PNNL  developed the E4D-RT to aide the cleanup of uranium contaminates at the Hanford Nuclear site. The subsurface imaging system has broader applications such as monitoring volcanic regions and hydraulic fracturing operations.

PNNL’s second award was for computational and modeling software that aides the development of technology to capture carbon emissions at power plants. The Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative tool gives a complete understanding of how scaled up commercial processes will operate. Read more in the Tri-City Herald.

Washington State research institutions and clean tech companies are pioneering a wide range of innovations that help to clean up existing environmental problems and build a sustainable future that protects our natural world.

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