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OmniProcesor ©Janicki Bioenergy

Washington State continues to be a leader in clean technology and developing new methods to recycle, reuse and repurpose to save our environment and improve the lives of people worldwide.

One example is the OmniProcessor, a self-contained system for turning human waste into drinkable water, creating electricity and reducing pollution, developed by Washington-based Janicki Bioenergy. Read our January post about Janicki Bioenergy‘s waste to water system.

The campus of the former Northern State Hospital will become the new home to Janicki’s manufacturing facility. Read more about the new Skagit County facility in The Seattle Times and the Puget Sound Business Journal.

In Washington State there are over 100 clean technology companies, possessing 195 patents serving more than 12 different industrial sectors. Washington State’s focus on alternative and renewable energy, pollution reduction, power storage and grid management employs approximately 90,000 scientists, researchers and technicians, backed by nearly a billion dollars in venture capital.

In April, Washington State Department of Commerce showcased a delegation of Washington clean energy companies at the world’s premiere technology and manufacturing trade show in Hannover Germany. If you would like to know more about our clean technology sector, contact a business expert at Washington State Department of Commerce:  Andrew.crowder@commerce.wa.gov