inunu_hero-05.6c591b05One important element in growing healthy plants is photosynthesis. However, in many parts of the world, there isn’t enough daylight to have a long growing season all year round. A recent University of Washington graduate, Adam Greenberg, is producing a light that more effectively simulates sunlight than other indoor grow lighting and are energy efficient. Using the full light spectrum produces healthier plants and can provide greater access to nutritional, fresh fruits and vegetables in less sunny parts of the world.

Washington State has a long history of inventing new products to improve our lives. Check out our history of Washington State’s innovations timeline. With two top-tier research institutions and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory located here, Washington continues to be a leader in developing solutions to world problems and bringing them successfully to the marketplace.

In 2013 Bloomberg ranked Washington State #1 Most Innovative State in the US. And the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued 5.23 patents per 1,000 residents in the state. The cross-pollination of exceptional software talent and advanced manufacturing expertise makes Washington fertile ground for the development of new technologies to tackle the world’s needs.

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