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Boomtown. Seattle skyline still dotted with cranes.

Seattle building boomThe growth spurt appears to be a strong and steady trend projecting out at least through 2019. The current building boom is primarily apartments for the growing workforce in Seattle. Major corporations are moving into downtown and the city is developing into a live/work and play hot spot. With mountain hiking, skiing and biking less than an hour away, and the ocean an easy drive in the other direction the Puget Sound region has an exceptional quality of life.  Amazon, Google, Facebook,  Weyerhaeuser and other major employers are expanding or moving downtown. Ethnic and fine dining establishments on nearly every corner, art studios and galleries, and live music and dance performance venues create a dynamic live/work environment. Read more in The Seattle Times.

From life sciences and clean energy to technology and advanced manufacturing, from aerospace to outer space the diverse economic drivers in Washington State have spurred a robust recession recovery with no hint of slowdown on the horizon.

Washington State: Best in the West, Fifth in U.S.

Seattle skyline and Mt RainierThe recent ranking of Best States across the country by U.S. News and World Report puts Washington # 5 using 60 metrics comparing economy, healthcare, infrastructure, education, crime/corrections, government and opportunity.  And, Washington ranks well above other West coast states. But then, Washington residents and business owners already knew that. An exceptional quality of life, robust economy, a culture of collaboration and innovation, a highly educated workforce and cutting edge healthcare have been a hallmark of Washington’s success. Read more about the data at The Seattle Times.

Tech companies collaborate to speed up cancer research.

gene-sequence cancer researchWashington State industry sector leaders have a history of collaboration and cross-pollination to create cutting edge solutions. Technology companies have brought their expertise to various sectors from commerce and manufacturing to agriculture, finance and life science.  In the area of cancer research, the push to find a cure has been aided by Microsoft and other tech companies helping to speed up genome sequencing. Washington State is the hub for cloud computing and the extensive time required to process huge amounts of data is being significantly reduced by using the cloud platform. Read more in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Washington State has over 90,000 software developers, is the premier hub for cloud computing and is on the cutting edge of life science research. Our culture of collaboration and creativity coupled with our drive to solve big problems fosters an environment where innovative ideas and expertise are shared to reach a common goal.

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Washington ranks with top “knowledge capitals” worldwide.

uw-logoWashington State and the University of Washington have been highly ranked in recent studies by the Brookings Institute and Reuters.

The Brookings Institute study considered a range of factors from talented workforce and elite research universities to GDP growth, internet speed and number of globally engaged companies. Seattle ranks with the top 19 “knowledge capitals” in the U.S. and Europe. These regions are at the cutting edge of innovation and are highly productive centers. The study included 123 of the largest metro economies in the world.  Read more in The Seattle Times.

The Reuters study looked at the top 100 most innovative universities. University of Washington, with campuses in Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell, placed fifth in the world. The ranking demonstrates the ability to turn discoveries into real-world commercial solutions. The UW repeatedly ranks in the top tier showing the consistency of innovation year after year.  One center of innovation is University of Washington’s CoMotion startup incubator which has helped 126 startups become viable businesses over the past decade, with 21 spin-off companies just in 2016.  Read more in Geekwire.

From it’s pioneering history, Washington State has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. With a talented and well educated workforce, a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit, new ideas are quickly brought to market. Washington companies are setting industry standards in technology, aerospace and space exploration, advanced manufacturing and life sciences.

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Washington State: best place to work for software engineers.

softwarejobsThe 2016 report by ranks Seattle again this year as a great place for software engineers, data analysts and other tech employees to work. Adjusting for cost of living differences and salaries offered, Seattle ranks higher than well-known tech hubs such as San Francisco, Denver, Chicago and Silicon Valley. Read more on’s report in Geekwire. Also read about’s comparison of software engineer salaries in tech hubs across the country.

Washington State has more than 313,000 technology-based workers including 107,098 software and computer services engineers and 34,898 employees in internet and telecommunications services. The game design and development community includes more than 300 companies, the highest concentration in the U.S., generating $9.7 billion in revenue annually. And, Washington has 4x the national average in mobile apps jobs.

With it’s pioneering spirit and culture of collaboration, Washington State tech firms continue to set the standard in e-commerce, cloud computing, mobile apps, game development and the emerging field of virtual reality. And add to that Washington State’s exceptional quality of life, pristine outdoor recreational opportunities, vibrant arts and cultural community and experience dynamic urban and rural lifestyles.

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Seattle pinned by Pinterest.

PinterestAnother in a very long list of  major internet players will have an office in Washington State. Pinterest has announced the opening of a satellite engineering office in a Seattle co-working space as they look for permanent digs.  Every company gives the same reasons for creating a significant presence in Washington: depth of tech talent pool, quality of life, cost of living and the robust tech eco-system.

Washington State is home to over 90,000 software developers and more than $2 billion is generated annually from apps development.  Washington companies have been on the leading of edge of e-commerce, cloud computing, gaming and emerging virtual reality.

Pinterest joins a group of major tech companies with offices in Washington including: Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Alibaba, Best Buy, Plantir, Uber, ClearSlide, Salesforce, Dropbox, Hp and Ebay, Godaddy, Snapchat, Groupon and Jawbone. Of course, they join homegrown tech leaders such as Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Zillow and Tableau.

Read more in The Puget Sound Business Journal and Geekwire.

Everett Washington is home to new Fortune 500 company.

Fortive logo (PRNewsFoto/Danaher Corporation)
Fortive logo (PRNewsFoto/Danaher Corporation)

A diversified instrumentation and industrial technology company, Fortive has spun off from Danaher Corporation and established its new offices in Everett, Washington. Fortive is a maker of field instrumentation, sensing technologies, product realization and automation across a range of industrial sectors. An umbrella company which includes Everett-based Fluke Corporation, Fortive’s corporate team has moved to Washington and represents a wide range of industrial expertise.  Read more online at

Washington State offers the essentials for competitive global companies. Centrally located as an export hub Washington ports are a day’s sail closer to Asian markets and positioned equidistant to Asian and European destinations. Washington has a highly educated, highly skilled workforce along with a educational system that can adapt to providing skills training across industry sectors. Our exceptional quality of life attracts both companies and employees that value a diverse cultural and outdoor recreational experience.

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Airbnb takes up residence in Washington State.

softwaredevelopersJoining nearly 75 other out-of-state tech companies, Airbnb is the latest to open a development office in Washington.  The depth and breadth of our tech expertise and culture of innovation has drawn major tech companies to Washington.

Read more in Geekwire and Puget Sound Business Journal.  And check out Geekwire’s list of engineering centers for companies from outside of the state that have opened offices in Washington.

A robust eco-system of highly skilled workers has grown up around Washington tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, T-Mobile, Zillow and Tableau. The result is Washington has become a  leader in cutting edge software and hardware development. From cloud computing and e-commerce to mobile apps, health care and advanced manufacturing, Washington State companies are pioneering innovation across industry sectors.

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Researching the ground beneath our feet.

soil layersWhile there are many Washington companies exploring outer space, Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) in Richland, Washington is studying the molecular structures found just below the surface of the earth. One of Washington’s top-tier research institutions, PNNL is discovering  how the carbon cycle in soils and rock found below the earth’s surface can be used to mitigate some of the problems with above ground pollution. Read more on this research in The Tri-City Herald.

Washington State is home to major top-tier research institutions including the University of Washington, Washington State University and PNNL. These researchers partner with Washington companies to develop and bring to market innovations in everything from the life sciences and clean technology to advanced manufacturing and space exploration. Washington also boasts 65 two- and four-year public and private higher education institutions producing a highly skilled workforce that fuels innovation across industry sectors.

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Growth puts Washington in the top 5.

seattlenightsceneBusiness expansion. Start-up launches. Job openings across industry sectors. All are signs of a robust economy and a positive business climate that characterize Washington State. As pioneers in technology, advanced manufacturing and composite materials, commercial aerospace and outerspace Washington State is a great place for business and for employees to enjoy an incomparable quality of life.

Recent surveys show that Seattle is the 4th fastest growing city in the top 50 major U.S. metro areas. Read more in The Seattle Times. And if you’re looking for work, Seattle is rated the 3rd best place to find a job. Read more in The Seattle Times.

Washington State offers an affordable cost of living as compared to other technology centers in the US. The state has a diverse geography and climate providing a variety of agricultural opportunities as well as outdoor recreational activities, from water sports to hiking and skiing in the mountains. And, Washington boasts a vibrant cultural life. The urban centers offer an eclectic lifestyle filled with trendy clubs, brew pubs, live music venues, major league sports, theaters and the arts. Rural communities are destinations for slower-paced living, wine tasting and enjoying the state’s diverse natural beauty.

Washington’s pioneering spirit and culture of collaboration embraces new ideas and shares expertise across industry sectors.  Business is supported by venture capitalists and highly skilled workers passionate about innovation.

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