computer serversWashington State is the center for cloud computing and home to huge server facilities that collect and process all that data.  It’s not surprising that Washington companies would design new ways to improve the system, specifically ways to cool the system. Rooms full of racks and racks of computers generate tremendous amounts of heat and that can cause problems for the servers.  Microsoft, Sabey and McKinstry have tackled the problem of overheating in different ways. While Microsoft is testing an underwater cooling method, Sabey and Mckinstry have just received a patent on a piece of equipment that tests the air flow and temperature in server rooms.  Read more about it in the Puget Sound Business Journal.  Sabey and McKinstry also found a creative use for the excess heat by channeling it across the street from a server facility to supply heat to the new Amazon building. And, read our post about Microsoft’s underwater system.

Washington State has a long history of inventions that have revolutionized everything from manufacturing and healthcare to clean energy and commerce, solving problems and improving lives around the world. Check out our interactive innovation timeline to see the amazing things that have been invented in Washington.

Washington was ranked # 1 in Innovation Capacity by the International Technology & Innovation Foundation in 2014.  The US Patent Office reports Washington companies obtain 5.2 patents per 1,000 residents. Our culture of collaboration, top-tier research institutions and can-do entrepreneurial spirit makes Washington the place where new ideas are developed and successfully brought into the marketplace. To learn more about doing business in Washington State, contact