It’s easy to brag about Washington’s amazing history of innovation and invention. After all, we’ve created some amazing stuff, from the first successful commercial jet airplanes and life-saving procedures to the more whimsical side of life – the slinky dog and Pictionary come to mind.

In fact, we have an entire timeline filled with just a  few of the next big things Washington residents have created over the last 150 years. Play Pickleball? You’re welcome! Can’t pass a Cinnabon stand without stopping to buy some? Blame it on us. Kept your bread fresh with a small plastic clip? You can thank us.

But we don’t need to keep singing our laurels. KOMO News has joined the chorus. They’ve created a wonderful one-hour documentary on why Washington is the place to be when it comes to making lives better, more fun or more productive. It is both entertaining and informative. Even we learned a few things along the way, and we thought we were pretty good at marketing the state.

So pop up some corn, grab your favorite Washington microbrew or glass of wine, sit back and enjoy a great show about why we’re all so creative and better yet, how we continue to change the world with our ideas.