HTC logo downloadThe technology community in Washington State has been growing rapidly over the past few years. It seems every week another major player announces the opening of an office in the region. The depth and breadth of talent and expertise in software development and hardware technology is incomparable and the synergy of the technology eco-system in Washington is spawning new relationships and opportunities for collaboration.

Two companies, one a software developer and the other a hardware maker, discovered their proximity in Washington’s tech community spawned a mutually beneficial relationship and a new product coming to the market. 

Gaming company Valve has joined forces with hardware maker HTC to build a virtual reality headset for video gamers. Each brought their own expertise to the product development and having offices in the same community made it easy to work together. Read more in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Washington State has over 90,000 software developers, two major research universities and over 313,000 technology-based workers. If your company would benefit from being part of a cutting-edge technology community contact our business experts at the Washington State Department of Commerce.