DNA -datastorageAs the world’s accumulation of data archives increase exponentially the major cloud service providers are looking for alternatives to the high cost of data storage. Massive server farms are expensive to build, have a finite capacity and useful life, and consume a lot of energy to stay online. Researchers at Microsoft and the University of Washington are pursuing the translation of the digital language of ones and zeroes into the ‘4 letter’ language of DNA.  The collaboration of software scientists and molecular biologists have made this breakthrough possible.  Read more in The Seattle Times and Geekwire.

Major players in cloud storage services like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have been researching a variety of alternatives to the high cost, high energy consumption of server farms. Microsoft has also been testing underwater servers that are cooled by the sea. And, Amazon has been tapping the wind to power their servers. Read our post about these sustainable efforts to power the cloud.

Washington State’s culture of creativity and collaboration has fostered partnerships in research and innovation across industry sectors and with our top-tier research institutions to build a more sustainable future for technology and industry.

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