Refuelling787It’s one thing to reinvent jet fuel from biowaste, wood waste or cooking oil. And, there are Washington State scientists and aerospace companies researching and testing these alternative fuels.

The next challenge is to determine if the infrastructure of tanks, pipes and systems can adapt to the requirements of the new fuels. Sea-Tac Airport, Alaska Airlines and Boeing Aerospace are working together to determine if the delivery system will be in place once the fuels are tested, certified and available. Washington State is committed to developing and using cleaner energy and reducing the effects of climate change. The aerospace industry has set targets of reducing CO2 emissions by 25%. Read more in The Seattle Times.

To that end, Washington State companies are pioneering development of sustainable jet fuels from a variety of sources including cooking oil, animal waste fats, alcohol and wood waste.  Read more about jet fuel from wood waste.

Washington State companies are revolutionizing clean energy with developments in more efficient power storage, sustainable fuels, solar and wind power production and smart grid technology for cities to efficiently manage power usage.

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