Artist rendition of the new Maritime Innovation CenterWhat do you do with a 109-year-old ship supply building taking up space in a bustling urban port? If you’re the Port of Seattle, you turn it into an incubator to spur new ideas in the maritime industry, from sustainable fisheries to new generations of electrified vessels.

The port recently approved a $32.6 million plan to turn its old Ship Supply Building into the Maritime Innovation Center. Located at Fishermen’s Terminal in Ballard, the new facility will be able to house maritime-related startups as well as Washington Maritime Blue, which will be the prime tenant and manage the center once renovations are completed.

Renovating the building is a complex undertaking. Built on silt piles that are more than a century old, the building will need a new foundation to comply with modern safety standards. The building’s original character will be retained wherever possible, including the old-growth wood beams that serve as its framing.

When completed in 2025, the 15,000-square-foot Maritime Innovation Center will create jobs in the maritime industry and promote innovation. Creating a space where various startups can be in proximity to one another will boost creativity and collaboration, generating additional products and services that move the maritime sector forward into a sustainable future.

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