seattlenightsceneBusiness expansion. Start-up launches. Job openings across industry sectors. All are signs of a robust economy and a positive business climate that characterize Washington State. As pioneers in technology, advanced manufacturing and composite materials, commercial aerospace and outer space Washington State is a great place for business and for employees to enjoy an incomparable quality of life.

Recent surveys show that Seattle is the 4th fastest growing city in the top 50 major U.S. metro areas. Read more in The Seattle Times. And if you’re looking for work, Seattle is rated the 3rd best place to find a job. Read more in The Seattle Times.

Washington State offers an affordable cost of living as compared to other technology centers in the US. The state has a diverse geography and climate providing a variety of agricultural opportunities as well as outdoor recreational activities, from water sports to hiking and skiing in the mountains. And, Washington boasts a vibrant cultural life. The urban centers offer an eclectic lifestyle filled with trendy clubs, brew pubs, live music venues, major league sports, theaters and the arts. Rural communities are destinations for slower-paced living, wine tasting and enjoying the state’s diverse natural beauty.

Washington’s pioneering spirit and culture of collaboration embrace new ideas and shares expertise across industry sectors.  Business is supported by venture capitalists and highly skilled workers passionate about innovation.

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