WA State_Next ExitWashington State’s economy continues to grow by leaps and bounds and it appears there are many who want to be part of our success. As we’ve posted frequently in the last few months, major companies are opening satellite offices in our state to tap into our highly educated and well-trained workforce. And residents from other states are beating a path to Washington to enjoy our outstanding quality of life, experience the incomparable outdoor recreational activities the region offers and partake of our dynamic cultural scene.

Who can blame them for wanting to live here? We have 13 national parks, 186 state parks, a championship football team, 50,000 miles of rivers, 750+ wineries, not to mention top-tier research institutions and global industry leaders in technology, life sciences, clean tech and advanced manufacturing. Apparently, the data for 2014 shows the largest influx from out of state since they started tracking these things.

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