earth-aerialviewThe goal is to have a more efficient and affordable earth imaging platform. BlackSky Global, a subsidiary of Washington State based Spaceflight Industries, is developing a constellation of satellites that will provide an unprecedented view of the world with high quality images and time-sensitive data feeds. Having nearly real-time, detailed images of Earth can be useful for opening up new markets in weather forecasting, tracking earthquake damage and environmental activity, observing herd migration, urban planning, forest management and monitoring shipping activity, among other uses. The satellite was launched from the space center in Sriharikota, India. The satellite was deployed into orbit for testing its design and the ground systems for receiving imaging data. The color images will provide a resolution of one meter per each image pixel. Read more in The Seattle Times and

Washington companies like Blue Origin, Spaceflight Industries, Planetary Resources and Aerojet Rocketdyne are redefining travel and commercial exploration in space.  The depth of engineering and software development talent in Washington along with the culture of collaboration and pioneering spirit has created a robust environment for space exploration.

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