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Cleaner, quieter, faster air travel coming to an airport near you.

Zunum Aero hybrid electric airplaneHybrid electric cars are changing the auto industry and by 2020 Kirkland-based Zunum Aero plans to have hybrid electric airplanes taking off for regional air service. Utilizing the existing network of smaller community airports could reduce travel time and shift short-haul travel from metro airports, along with the environmental gains of  lower emissions and noise. Improvements in battery storage and software that calculates the needs for engine power has allowed for a revolutionary approach to powering aircraft. Anticipated benefits include lower operating costs and lower fares, cutting carbon emissions by 80%, reducing noise in the surrounding communities by 75% and returning cost-effective regional air travel to smaller communities. Partnering with Boeing and JetBlue Technology Ventures, Zunum expects to be manufacturing their first planes by 2020. Read more in the Puget Sound Business Journal and Geekwire.

Washington State has been a leader in aerospace technology for more than a century. Blend that expertise with the advances that Washington companies are making in clean technology, battery storage, advanced manufacturing and new materials, and software development across industry sectors, and you have the potential for making huge changes in the economics of air travel.

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Mini microscope in your pocket.

microscopic imageEver wish you could look really close at something  you just found? Thanks to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, Washington now you can. Or better yet, a doctor in a remote area can whip out a smartphone or tablet and take a close look at a microscopic organism that just might help save a life. Firefighters or police can use the mini-microscope to examine potentially dangerous powder on-site without waiting for lab results. With a 3-D printer and publicly available plans provided by PNNL anyone can make the housing required to turn their phone or tablet into a microscope. This has also become a great teaching tool for young science students discovering the microscopic world. Read more in the Tri-City Herald.

The Pacific Northwest National Lab (one of 10 national labs in the country) is doing cutting edge research and helping to move innovation into the marketplace. In concert with other major public research institutions, such as University of Washington and Washington State University, PNNL is one of the state’s pioneering  research centers in technology, clean energy and advanced manufacturing.

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Apple tackles AI in Seattle.

A cyborg represents the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning at AppleApple has announced plans to expand its engineering offices in Seattle. In addition to working on projects related to Maps, iCloud and iTunes, the team will tackle artificial intelligence and machine learning for a new generation of apps and services for its devices.

The company also announced a $1 million endowed professorship at the University of Washington in artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase its growing partnership with the area’s research community.

The expansion is the latest indication that Washington State is fast becoming a leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning, leveraging the area’s expertise in software, hardware, cloud computing and big data. Companies at the forefront of AI and machine learning include Amazon and Microsoft, supported by researchers at the UW and organizations such as the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

Read more about Apple’s expansion plans in Washington and the state’s leadership role in artificial intelligence.

Building better, bigger rockets.

New Glenn RocketWashington State has been a leader in aerospace manufacturing for over a century. And, as the design of spacecraft, rockets and booster systems grows in the state, so does the manufacturing side of the equation.

Blue Origin, one of several Washington-based space companies, is expanding their operations with additional manufacturing space for their next generation, more powerful New Glenn rocket. The planned 236,000-square-foot warehouse complex and 102,900 square feet of office space are southwest of Blue Origin’s current headquarters and rocket production facility in Kent, just south of Seattle.Read more about the company’s planned expansion in Geekwire.

Building on the depth of experience in aerospace and the breadth of high-tech and advanced manufacturing expertise, engineers in Washington State with an eye towards space have been building an eco-system of successful space pioneers. Blue Origin, Vulcan Enterprises, Planetary Resources, SpaceX, Aerojet Rocketdyne and Tethers Unlimited are some of the more well-known space explorers in Washington.

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A safer way to play.

Concussions are a major problem in modern-day sports, from head-to-head tackles in football to players making all-star headers on the soccer field.

After more than three years of research and development, Washington State startup Vicis is ready to take the issue head on with its new line of impact-reduction helmets and headgear slated to undergo real-world testing this spring.

Taking a page from car bumper innovations, the company has designed a new multi-layered helmet with crush zones that absorb most of the impact.

The vast majority of the top 25 college football teams will take the new helmet for a spin during spring practice, including the University of Alabama and the University of Washington. Ten NFL teams have also signed on to try out the helmets in offseason training.

Read more about the new helmets in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Space hub expands in Washington State.

SpaceX logoWashington State is increasingly becoming the epicenter of space exploration. With over a century of aerospace know how and a phenomenal depth of tech expertise in the state, home-grown companies like Blue Origin, Vulcan Aerospace, Planetary Resources and Tethers Unlimited have been joined by space industry leaders such as SpaceX and Aerojet Rocketdyne to create a hub of space innovation in Washington.

In 2015, SpaceX opened a facility in Redmond, Washington to begin work on a network of satellites. Now the operation is significantly expanding to accommodate increased staffing capabilities and may be looking towards a manufacturing facility in the future. Read more at

Washington State is pushing the envelope for commercial space exploration and travel. To learn more about the growing space industry in Washington contact


Amazon is a one company ‘job creator’.

Amazon logoPoliticans are always proclaiming how they are going to create jobs. Well the old saying, success breeds more success is clearly true in the example of one of Washington State’s business legends. Amazon, the world leader in e-commerce, is projecting to increase employment by a whopping 55% in the next year and a half across the U.S. Read more in The Seattle Times, Geekwire and Puget Sound Business Journal.

In 2011, Amazon had just over 50,000 employees and over the past 5 years employment has topped 306,000 workers. The projected increase by mid 2018 will be full-time positions including software developers, engineers, customer service reps and warehouse workers.

Washington State has been a leader in the digital, cloud computing and e-commerce. Business legends like Microsoft, Amazon, Cray, Zillow and Expedia are revolutionizing their industry sectors, creating jobs and setting the standard for other industry players to build on.

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Big data and cloud computing grow better oysters.

view of oyster farm underwater And, how does that work? The digital revolution is aiding agriculture and increasing harvest around the world. The capabilities of cloud computing, digital sensors, AI and advanced analytics are providing growers with critical real-time information to  monitor environmental conditions that affect harvest. Read more in Geekwire.

In Washington State, Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services have pioneered cloud computing. Across all industry sectors companies are finding cloud platform capabilities integral to their success. To learn more about the revolutionary tech companies in Washington State contact

Personalized retail around the globe.

latte cupWhether you purchase your morning latte in your hometown or in London or Dubai, with cloud technology the customer experience can be exactly the same. No more worries about downloading a special in-country app for mobile payment or the hassle of currency exchange. And, along with your drink order artificial intelligence will be suggesting food items you might enjoy with your double tall. Launching next year,  ‘My Starbucks Barista’ will personalize your order from your smartphone with your favorite food items and special discounts just for you.

Purchasing your personalized latte and tasty treat will be seamless no matter where in the world you are. Just like your hometown barista, they already know what you want to order.

Relying on cutting edge cloud-based software development, Starbucks is heading towards globalization of the coffee shop experience.  Read more at

The Washington State tech sector is leading the world in cloud based technology and the development of artificial intelligence.  The  breadth of applications for these revolutionizing technologies are helping to streamline the burgeoning global economy.

Washington State has over 14,000 software and mobile app companies. With pioneering business legends like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, Washington has become the hub of cloud computing. With globalization of e-commerce, supply chain management and big data analysis Washington State’s tech sector is at the forefront of business in the digital age.

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More eyes in the sky taking images of earth.

image of earth from spaceAnother company has joined the burgeoning space industry in Washington State.  San Francisco-based Planet, with offices in several other countries, has opened an engineering office in Bellevue, Washington. The company is deploying nanosatellites that create an orbiting imaging system.  The imagery becomes a resource for tracking crop production, urban development, environmental changes and monitoring disasters.  Read more in

Washington’s space industry is flourishing and companies like Planet can find the engineering talent they want along with the cloud computing resources and data analytics expertise they need. The space exploration ecosystem in Washington State includes major players such as: Blue Origin, Boeing, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Tethers Unlimited, Vulcan Aerospace, SpaceX, Planetary Resources and Spaceflight Industries’ BlackSky.

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