flasks of biofuels for research

Washington State has a serious commitment to clean energy and reducing emissions across industries. As an aerospace leader, Washington researchers are focused on revolutionary biofuels that will reduce emissions from commercial aircraft and maintain fuel efficiency.

A Washington State University research team in Tri-Cities has won a grant from the National Science Foundation to research the market potential for their biofuel that converts biomass into hydrocarbons of jet fuel quality.  See article in the Puget Sound Business Journal.  The University of Washington’s Foster Business School is also providing expertise to the WSU team as they plan for bringing the biofuel to market.

Airlines are facing a demand for emissions reduction and have been testing alternative fuels. See earlier post.  And, Sea-Tac International Airport is building the infrastructure to handle these eco-friendly fuels. See 2015 post. Recently, Washington State based Alaska Air was the first to use alternative fuels on a commercial flight.

Washington State has been at the forefront of developing clean energy. Smart grids for cities, alternative fuels and high-performance power storage systems are a few of the innovations coming from Washington companies.

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