Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

If the Evil Queen had an Electric Mirror instead of a magic one, she may have forgotten all about Snow White.

electricmirror1While you’ll never see a genie appear in an “electric mirror” (unless you’re watching Aladdin), you can check the latest headlines, last night’s football scores, or even enjoy Mirror Mirror or Snow White and the Huntsmen while you bathe luxuriously in your hotel suite or master bath.

Founded in 1996, Electric Mirror sells an array of mirrors that offer guests and residents the latest high-tech amenities, from mirrors that stay clear, even after the hottest and foggiest of showers, to models with hidden TV screens that magically appear at your command.

The company originally targeted higher end hotels and resorts but has expanded over the years into the commercial and residential markets. Electric Mirror manufactures most of its products in-house, right down to the electronic assembly and metal and wood work. Two hundred employees work at the company’s facility in Everett, Washington, leveraging the talents of a diversified state workforce to employ everything from engineers and fabricators to assemblers. Many of its products are custom made, so having the designers and engineers near the production floor allows the company to focus on delivering quality as well as innovation.

Their success story is the epitome of the American Dream. As with many American success stories, Electric Mirror started in the garage of the family home. The Mischel family’s first product was a high-end defogging mirror. As orders began to pour in, the whole family got involved in the company, eventually turning living space into a workspace in their home until it was clear that a dedicated production space was required.

Innovation continues to be a foundation of the family owned company. Electric Mirror has 32 patents so far, with more pending. The range of products has expanded as the company has grown, first with new styles of their flagship defogging mirrors, then branching out into makeup mirrors, lighted mirrors and mirrors with monitors built into them so users can watch TV or check their email while getting ready for work or play.

This commitment to innovation and quality has certainly paid off. While the hotel industry was slow to share Electric Mirror’s enthusiasm for its products initially, today the company sells more lighted mirrors than all their competitors combined and was named Manufacturer of the Year by Seattle Business magazine, adding to their long list of industry and innovation awards.

Even with its steady growth, from four employees in the garage to more than 200 now in its expanded Everett plant, the company has never lost sight of its feeling of being a family business.

“We have people here from around the world, and representing all walks of life,” says Faith Mischel, company vice president. “But to us, it’s still like a big family. I always knew we would be here, and we’re not done growing yet.”

To learn more, visit Electric Mirror’s website.