Lighting the way for more than a century.

If you’re driving down Fourth Avenue South in Seattle you may not even notice that you’re passing right by a Washington business legend. Since 1912, Pacific Lamp & Supply Company has been lighting the way, helping its customers find just the right solution for all their residential and commercial needs.

Their list of customers reads like a who’s who of other business legends. They help light the Space Needle, Ivar’s restaurants, PCC, Whole Foods and Bartells as well as countless office buildings, theaters, and even ships throughout Washington State and the world.

While the Internet may have siphoned off some lighting sales, customers keep coming back to Pacific Lamp & Supply for two very good reasons: outstanding service and generations of knowledge. The average employee has 20 years of experience in lighting, so customers can rest assured that the answer they get is the right one.

That’s a rarity in the world of big box stores and cut-rate Internet sites. But it’s a tradition that has served the family-owned company well over the years. In fact, four generations of the same family have owned and operated Pacific Lamp and Supply Company since it first opened its doors in 1912.

The company likes to say that “If it glows, we got it” and if you happen into their 17,000 square foot warehouse in Georgetown, you’ll believe them. In addition to lighting, the company carries industrial batteries, fuses, ballasts and ventilation fans, but their real specialty is finding the perfect lighting solution for you – even if others say it’s impossible.

In fact, their lighting inventory is the largest in the Pacific Northwest and many of their biggest competitors are also their biggest customers. Most people will tell you that what makes Pacific Lamp & Supply really shine is their know-how. With 100 years of lighting experience behind them, they not only can sell you the bulbs you need, but troubleshoot even the most difficult lighting and wiring problems.

The old adage is that you can’t train experience. It’s something that no one can hire off the street or even acquire in a single lifetime. Lessons learned at this company have been passed on from one generation to another for a century, a competitive advantage that is hard to beat.

While no one knows what the future holds in terms of new lighting products and innovations, you can bet that Pacific Lamp & Supply will be selling them right beside those rare gems that are nearly impossible to find… elsewhere.

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