A Washington State lighthouse along the Puget Sound as the sun sets over the Olympic Mountains

Washington State's Competitive Strengths

Every part of the country wants you to think it's tops when it comes to being business friendly, having a terrific workforce or being a great place to live and work. Heck, even Aberdeen, South Dakota touts its quality of life.

But we must be doing something right. Dozens of businesses that are household names are opening new offices and facilities here and thousands of people are moving to Washington State every year. See for yourself why Washington is setting the pace when it comes to economic growth and prosperity.

A manufacturing worker checks the settings on his computer monitor

Few places in the country can boast a workforce that is more educated, skilled and ready to get to work. One in three workers have a post-secondary degree and unique public-private partnerships between colleges, universities and businesses ensure a steady stream of highly qualified workers for our key sectors.

Four artists paint a light bulb on a piece of paper

Washington is a place where new ideas become international icons. Companies like Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Nordstrom and Amazon have not only become highly revered brands, but have changed the very face of their respective industries. We thrive on new ideas, and more important, we know how to bring them successfully to market.

A Washington dam produces clean energy for customers

As the largest producer of clean, sustainable hydroelectric power in the country as well as an early adopter of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, Washington offers businesses low-cost energy (as low as 4.25¢ per kilowatt-hour) and a stable, scalable grid that can meet the most demanding user needs.

A bicyclist rides through Mount Rainier National Park

With its pioneer spirit, rich cultural and recreational opportunities, diverse geography and mild climate, Washington is a great place to build a future. From the quaint communities that dot our landscape to the bustling metropolitan centers on the coast and inland, you’ll find an idyllic setting to build a business and a life.

A warehouse worker retrieves an order using a pallet jack

Having the right partners is essential to success in business today. Washington offers a robust supply chain that can deliver the goods on time, every time. From the production of raw materials into finished goods to the recycling of products and services at the end of their life cycle, our supply chain is dedicated to your success.

A full container ship heads out to sea

Thousands of businesses have discovered how profitable exporting from Washington is. Equidistant between Europe and Asia, our ports and transportation system serve as a gateway to opportunity. What’s more, our Choose Washington team will provide you with all the assistance you need to tap new markets overseas.

The Washington State Capitol Building

Washington is one of a handful of states that have no personal or income tax. We also offer companies that do business in the state incentives to spur growth in the form of tax deferrals and credits for specific industries or activities.