10 great reasons to Choose Washington.

Meteorologists in Washington use the phrase “convergence” to describe weather patterns that disrupt the atmosphere, allowing it to be cold and rainy in one place and sunny and warm just a few miles away.

Convergence describes our economy to a “T” since different ideas converge, mix, blend and interact to create something that hasn’t been seen before. Convergence fuels our economy and drives a culture of creativity that allows us to take the world by storm with our new ideas and innovations.

#1 - Innovative

Washington is known the world over as the place where the “next big thing” begins. It is a state of firsts. Eddie Bauer came up with the first down parkas; K2 invented the first fiberglass snow skis; holograms, grunge music and the Slinky Dog were all invented here. The kidney dialysis machine and portable heart defibrillator were developed in Washington, too. So was the world’s first espresso cart, tree farm and yum! — Cinnabons.

#2 - Clustered

The state offers investors and businesses a critical mass in eight primary specific sectors — aerospace, agriculture/food manufacturing, clean energy, creative economyforest products, information and communication technology, life science/global health, maritime, and military & defense — providing tremendous opportunities for cross-collaboration, idea sharing, experimentation, partnership and innovation.

#3 - Smart

Washington residents are curious by nature, as witnessed by our bevy of bookstores and public libraries. 36.7% of the population has a Bachelor degree or higher, and the state’s public universities, private and public colleges, 34 community colleges and workforce training programs ensure a steady supply of highly educated and skilled workers.

#4 - Connected

Washington’s transportation network includes 75 ports, 139 airports, 3,300 miles of roadways and the state is equidistant to European and Asian markets, making it the ideal place for exporting products and services. The Internet and Washington are one: broadband is widely available and the state is making sizable investments in expanding networks, particularly in rural communities.

#5 - Energetic

Washington leads the nation in its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The state has committed itself to deriving 100% of its energy from clean, zero-carbon sources by 2045. Washington’s network of hydroelectric power plants is the largest in the nation, allowing the state to offer some of the lowest cost energy in the U.S.

#6 - Trendsetting

Washington helped put a cellphone in your one hand and a latte in the other, ushered in the age of affordable jet airline travel, rocked your world with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Heart and Macklemore, broke new ground in computing with some Windows and Words, and turned red hot sand into stunning works of art (thanks Dale Chihuly).

#7 - Diverse

Washington celebrates diversity at all levels. Our varied climate covers seven distinct ecosystems, from the extremely wet shores of the Pacific to the plains-like lands of Eastern Washington, which enjoy more sunshine annually than many parts of Florida. Our people are equally diverse. Every creed, color, religion and ethnic group imaginable can be found within the state’s borders, creating a rich landscape of multi-cultural influences that is a great source of state pride.

#8 - Resilient

We don’t accept defeat easily. From the historic fires that leveled city centers to the ups and downs of an economy that once relied too heavily on a single industry, Washington’s residents continue to dust themselves off in times of adversity and recommit themselves to achieving unbridled success. It is part of our pioneer spirit that helped us tame this once wild land, striking and preserving a delicate balance between progress and preservation.

#9 - Vibrant

Washington offers an unparalleled quality of life, one that is eclectic, energetic and diverse. There are plenty of cultural events to explore, world-class museums, restaurants, wineries, galleries, theaters, symphonies, opera and ballet, and a calendar of events, celebrations and festivals that is ever changing and even slightly overwhelming, especially in the summer.

#10 - Savvy

True, Washington State is tucked away in the northwest corner of the United States. But don’t think for a moment that we’re out of sight or out of mind. Residents are very well informed about the world, leading the way when it comes to embracing new ideas. And we have our own pulse and rhythm that drives our natural curiosity, passion for lifelong learning, competitive nature and pursuit of success in our personal and professional lives.

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