A Boeing Dreamliner takes shape on the factory floor

The birthplace of business legends.

Some of our business legends are indeed household names; others may not be known beyond the borders of a city, but loved just as much. We’re proud to showcase just a few of the many movers and shakers that call Washington home, true American success stories and yes, legends in the business world. If we were to include all of our legendary businesses in these pages, the Internet would literally seize up due to lack of remaining bandwidth.

Some of our biggest business legends should ring a bell, including Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Microsoft and Starbucks, just to name a few. Learn more about our world famous companies and how their bold ideas changed the very face of the industries they compete in.

A business doesn't have to have an international following to be a business legend. Many companies in Washington State are familiar to consumers throughout the U.S., from REI and Nordstrom to Roman Meal and Trident Seafoods.

Everyone loves a local institution and Washington customers are no different. Some of our favorites have gone on to become nationally or internationally famous. Others, such as Ivar's, Darigold and Uwajimaya, are more than content to own our hearts and our minds, building a fiercely loyal customer base over the years.

Who's the next business legend? It's hard to say, but we do have a lot of businesses here in Washington that are doing amazing things, revolutionizing the marketplace with new ideas, products and services, some that will eventually become nationally known or even perhaps, world famous. Every business starts with an idea and a passion for it and our up and comers are no exception.

If you know of a business that deserves to be showcased in this section of ChooseWashington.com, let us know. Email us at editor@choosewashington.com and we'll check them out. Please give us as much information as possible about why they are a business legend, including contact information and anything you know about their accomplishments or history.